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Thermatech offers a large range of letterboxes in both set designs and custom.

Whether the letterbox is positioned left or right of the driveway, we can accommodate any requests.

We supply wide aluminium mail receives as standard but are happy to fit mail receivers supplied by the customer. Paper cylinders are also optional.

Construction is a polystyrene core with our specifically designed “sand coat” coating that has been developed and used on our decorative mouldings for the past 23 years. The letterbox base is reinforced for added protection against foot impact, lawn trimmers and mowers. The letterboxes are supplied un-painted and should be painted with any quality acrylic based paint.

We can freight our letterboxes to anywhere in Australia. Try our online frieght calculator to calcultae freight to your postcode.

Choose your letterbox style!

Traditional Letterbox Designs
Our range of traditional letterboxes offers sophistication and symmetry in their designs with a wide choice available for that personal touch.

The brochure explains the three components that make up these letterboxes. All are interchangeable. Simply choose a top, choose a centre, choose a base and we will assemble it for you! Download the brochure to see the range.

Retro Letterbox Designs
Our ‘Retro’ range of letterboxes offer some modern choices for the more contemporary home. Again, these offer many variations if required as per the customer’s request. Lightweight in construction makes for ease of handling and simple to install.

Custom Letterbox Designs
We offer the flexibility of creating multiple or custom letterboxes to order. In some cases we have encased older existing brick or metal structures with new, modern designs at minimal costs.
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Letterbox Installation

D.I.Y. Installation
The installation of our letterboxes are quite simple. We can provide advice over the phone if required and our comprehensive installation instructions are available for download.

Regardless of the design, all of our letterboxes require the same installation method. No concrete pad is required, just a hole in the ground, some pre-mix concrete bags and basic tools.
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Letterbox Repair

D.I.Y. repair with our repair kits
There are always going to be knocks or damage due to accidents, the positive is they are very easy to repair. Repair kits are available and can be posted out along with comprehensive DIY instructions.

Larger or more severe damage and still be repaired, please call or email for instructions..
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Letterbox Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond your range, can I have something different?
No problems at all, you can provide a sketch or we can design as per your brief.

How long does it take to make?
Seven to 10 days generally if it is not already in stock.

What is included with the letterbox?
Letterbox, 2 x plastic pipes (required for installation).

Can I install it myself?
Yes you can. We supply you with instructions and can offer advice if needed.

I don’t want to install it, can someone do it for me?
We can arrange installation for you in south-east Queensland. Outside of SEQ you will have to source professional assistance.

I like the colour of the coating, does it have to be painted?
Yes, the letterbox requires two coats of quality acrylic external paint. Failure to paint will result in deterioration and breakdown of the letterbox coating and will void warrantee.

What is it made of?
Polystyrene core with our specifically designed ‘sand coat’ coating. Developed over the past 20 years. It hardens over time. The base has reinforced sides for impact resistance against impact and lawn equipment.

How heavy is it?
Our standard letterboxes are around 20kg.

Are the letterboxes strong?
Yes. They are softer straight after manufacture and get harder and harder over time due to the nature of the coating.

What happens if the letterbox gets damaged?
Easy fixed! We have a repair kit that can be posted out including instructions on how to repair the damage.

What sort of paint should I use?
High quality exterior acrylic paint, at least two coats is recommended.

How do I attach house numbers onto the front?
Because there is no structure in the polystyrene core once the coating has been breached, this eliminates mechanical fixing. Clear silicone is the better option for gluing on the house numbers. Prior to installing the letterbox, rest the letterbox on its back so the numbers don’t slide out of position. Once marked where they will be positioned, small dobs on the rear (so it doesn’t come out the sides). If letterbox is already installed, support the numbers underneath so they don’t slide down while the silicone dries.

Can I have a light box in it?
Yes, this is possible. You will require a 12v power source to the underside of the letterbox. It is then fed through from underneath and into the installed light box.

I would prefer stainless steel mail receivers, can this be done?
Yes. This will be an additional charge or we are happy to install supplied items.

Is it possible to mount a light on the top of my letterbox?
Yes. We manufacture a baseplate into the construction which the light will be attached to, also some conduit for wiring through the letterbox. Again, power needs to be in place under the letterbox prior to installation.

I would like to have a matching pair of letterboxes either side of my driveway, is this possible?
Yes. Customers sometimes request matching pairs for each side of the driveway. One is the functional letterbox and the other is a ‘dummy’.

Do they have a warranty?
Yes. We offer a five year material warranty ONLY if painted with light based colours. Deeper based and darker colours only carry a 1 year warranty due to the potential damage caused by excess heat and exposure.

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