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Decorative mouldings are not new to the building industry. They are an economical option to traditional construction methods. Thermatech developed a unique coating and jointing system, perfected over many years of field testing that is specifically designed for polystyrene. The coating is a ‘sandy’ finish that replicates render in appearance while offering sharp lines and aesthetic appeal.

Our mouldings are supplied precoated and with carpentry experience, are easy to install, only requiring painting to finish.


Architectural Moulding Category Examples:

Beams, Cornerstones & Hood Mouldings:

Soffit Mouldings:

Cover Mouldings:

Dado Mouldings:


Feature Mouldings:

Garage Mouldings:

Garden Box Mouldings:

Internal Mouldings:

Rebated Arch Surrounds:

Window Surrounds:

Architectural Moulding Projects

Featured Moulding Projects from Thermatech
We have been servicing the building industry for more than two decades so this gallery only depicts a small portion of our projects.

From modest residential dwellings to multilevel commercial construction, size has no bearing on the style and prestige our decorative features can add. They are versatile, affordable and offer functional contributions to any design.

Architectural Moulding Installation

D.I.Y. or South East Queensland Installation Service
Thermatech offers installation services in south-east Queensland by our experienced team. We also supply a lot of DIY clients from our factory and Australia-wide.

Detailed instructions and friendly advice are available if required. Our mouldings can be packaged up for transportation along with appropriate glues, sealants and joint patch.

Architectural Moulding Rectification

Simple mistakes on D.I.Y. installation can be avoided.
Unsecure mouldings can pose a real danger with delamination and falling from a height. Some of the reasons can be poor installation methods with little or sometimes no exterior sealing. But one of the main points is the quality of adhesives and sealants today as apposed to years ago where CFC’s in some adhesives deteriorated the raw polystyrene, causing a lot of the current problems . The mouldings can be effectively re-fixed into position if undamaged or in the case they are damaged beyond repair, they can be matched with replacements.
Identifying movement cracks or delamination in its early stages is the key to minimizing the cost and effort of repair.
We use and recommend a high quality range of marine grade adhesives and sealants that offer excellent bonding strengths and elongation properties. These are available for purchase and delivery Australia-wide.

Mouldings Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do the mouldings come in?
Generally, our mouldings are supplied as per customers specifications but we do run stock of common sizes and shapes.

What lengths do the mouldings come in?
2400mm, but longer lengths can be supplied.

What are they made of?
Polystyrene core with our specifically designed ‘sand coat’ coating. Developed over the past 20 years, it has been designed to allow for structural movement and hardens over time.

What shape can I have?
Any shape is possible - it’s all down to customer choice. We can offer advice and suggestions if required.

What adhesives are used in installation?
We use specific marine grade adhesives and sealants.

How long do will they take to make?
Seven to 10 days generally, depending on the size of the order.

Can I install the mouldings myself?
Yes. Building or carpentry knowledge would certainly help. We can supply illustrated instructions and advice when required.

Can the mouldings be freighted?
Yes, we freight Australia wide.

I don’t want to install them, can Thermatech do it for me?
We can arrange installation for you in south-east Queensland. Unfortunately outside of SEQ will have to source a professional to assist with installation.

Are they strong, how do they cope with impacts or hail storms?
Yes they are strong. Initially after manufacture they appear soft but they harden considerably over time. This is the nature of the coating. They will withstand light hail but heavy hail or high impact will damage the surface (just as they ding cars and break concrete roof tiles) The mouldings can be repaired with minimal effort then re-painted.

What happens if the mouldings gets damaged?
Easy fixed, we have a repair kit that can be posted out and include instructions on how to repair the damage.

Do they require painting and what sort of paint should I use?
Yes, they definitely require painting with a high quality exterior acrylic paint. At least two coats are recommended.

What maintenance is recommended?
General cleaning as you would with soffits or rendered walls and patching or re-sealing if structural movement occurs.

Do they have a warranty?
Yes, we offer a five year material warranty ONLY if painted with light based colours. Deeper based and darker colours only carry a 1 year warranty due to potential damage caused by excess heat and exposure.

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