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Thermatech’s light weight sunhoods and blades provide affordable weather protection with aesthetic appeal for the modern home or commercial project.

Our sunhoods come pre-coated, removing the need for a second trade. Best of all, they are easy to install. They offer energy savings and are an economical option to traditional construction methods. The exterior coating is a ‘sandy’ finish that replicates render and are also supplied with a waterproof membrane applied to the top for additional weather protection.


Sun Hood Projects

Featured Sun Hood Projects from Thermatech
Our projects vary from beach house retreats to multi-level commercial construction.

They are both a valuable and functional addition to any design, offering numerous benefits.

Sun Hood Installation

D.I.Y. or South East Queensland Installation Service
Thermatech offers installation services in south-east Queensland from our experienced team. We can also provide detailed illustrated instructions and on-hand advice where required.

The hoods and blades can be packaged up for transportation along with appropriate wall fixtures as required.

Sun Hood Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do the hoods come in?
Any opening width as they can be joined in longer lengths. The width or distance off the wall is up to the client but we do not exceed 600mm.

I want the hoods to be wider than 600mm?
That is fine as we can accommodate light weight frames internally in the structure but we do require the client to supply certified engineer drawings for wind and load ratings.

How long do will they take to make?
Seven to 10 days generally, depending on the size of the order.

What is included in the delivery?
Hoods, blades, adhesives, sealants and appropriate fixtures.

Can I install the hoods myself?
Yes. Building or carpentry knowledge would certainly help. We can supply illustrated instructions and advice when required.

I don’t want to install them, can Thermatech do it for me?
We can arrange installation for you in south-east Queensland, unfortunately outside of SEQ, you will have to source a professional to assist with installation.

What are they made of?
Polystyrene core with our specifically designed ‘sand coat’ coating. Developed over the past 20 years, it has been designed to allow for structural movement and hardens over time. The top of the hoods are supplied pre-coated with a quality waterproof membrane for additional protection and waterproofing.  What adhesives are used in installation? We use specific marine grade adhesives and sealants.

How heavy are they?
Shorter lengths are quite light to handle. As they get larger the weight increases and they do require two people to handle.

Are they strong, how do they cope with hail storms?
Yes they are strong, initially after manufacture they appear soft but harden over time. This is the nature of the coating. They will withstand light hail but heavy hail impact will damage the hoods (just as they ding cars and break concrete roof tiles) The hoods can be repaired with minimal effort then re-painted.

What happens if the hood gets damaged?
Easy fixed! We have a repair kit that can be posted out and includes instructions on how to repair the damage.

Do they require painting and what sort of paint should I use?
Yes, they definitely require painting with a high quality exterior acrylic paint. At least two coats are recommended.

Can I have a low volt lights under the hood?
Yes, this is possible. We can accommodate the light positions and quantity into the design as per the client’s specifications. You will require a 12v power source into the back of the hood.

What’s stopping the rain from running back under the hood?
All of our hoods are supplied with a drip rail close to the front edge to stop water tracking back.

Do they have a warranty?
Yes, we offer a five year material warranty ONLY if painted with light based colours. Deeper based and darker colours only carry a 1 year warranty due to the potential damage caused by excess heat and exposure.

Before & after examples

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